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Joe Gillis adapted "Voices from the High School" to the screen with three scenes from Peter Dee's "...and stuff...", the follow-up to Voices. Here is the description of the plays from Baker's Plays, the publisher of both.

Voices from the High School

Too many high school actors perform works unrelated to their age or their needs or experience. Their work is often forced to be "clever" rather than honest and meaningful. Finding this artistically unproductive, Baker's commissioned New York's Circle Rep playwright Peter Dee to develop a series of contemporary scenes and monologues suitable for production in secondary schools. Dee has brilliantly created vignettes reflecting the joys and troubles of growing up too quickly in America. The scenes are devastatingly honest, sometimes hilarious and always speak from and to the heart. The monologues and two character scenes cover such diverse subjects as alcoholism, love, drugs, teacher-student rapport, teen pregnancy, suicide, and much more. Judy Klemesrud of the New York Times states, "In Voices from the High School, Peter Dee takes a realistic look at today's teenagers, their problems, and their dreams. This is not your usual high school pap." Enthusiastic reports from drama coaches: "Our audiences were very receptive and many made a point of telling us how some of the sequences hit home. The kind of script I'm constantly searching for." -- Bettendorf, IA. "I was worried about the content, being from a rather conservative town, but this show has generated more audience response than any other show that I've done here." -- Owensboro, KY. "Audience reaction was more than favorable, and our superintendent thought it was a play that every parent should see." -- Fitchburg, MA. Mr. Dee is the recipient of The International Director's Award given by the Thespian Society. Cuttings permitted and royalty quoted upon request.

... and stuff...

The overwhelming success of Voices from the High School has created a widespread movement in this country seeking to provide adventurous, touching, relevant plays for today's teen actors. Now . . . and stuff . . ., using monologues and short scenes, reflects on the teen experience of living and surviving "now" in this country. This unflinchingly honest play portrays both the joys and difficulties of the process of becoming an adult. The play is deliberately more difficult and challenging than its predecessor, mainly because students throughout the country have more than proven their ability to handle whatever is thrown at them, be it life or art, comedy, drama, music, dance; be it highly theatrical material, or gut-wrenchingly personal. The media speaks to us of today's teens; . . . and stuff . . . allows them to speak for themselves, and dramatizes their voice. Produced Off-Broadway and professionally in Los Angeles.

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